So, I’ve been busy making comics. I’m actually a part of a cool anthology called 2299. Here are some process shots from my story.


Set in the year 2299 different creators tell different tales that are rad as heck! Here’s a list of all involved:

Nolan T. Jones
Timothy Weaver
Andrew Otis Weiss
Keith Pille
Kyle Starks
Derek Charm
Kevin Church
Jordan Witt
Carlos Aguilar
Caleb Goellner
Dylan Todd
Max Huffman
Max Bachhuber
Josh Trujillo
Josh Krach
Mathew Digges
Robert Wilson IV

Some pretty impressive names, no?
This was all spearheaded by the awesome Dylan Todd, and was quite the labor of love. There is a Tumblr you can follow, right here.
For just $2 you can own the digital awesomeness!!!
Just click here.

Kay, that’s it for now, thanks!