Daily Drawing: MOTU 10


More Snake-Men!!! This is Rattlor.


Daily Drawing: MOTU 9


Fell behind, but I’m still determined, there’ll be some double or triple posts to catch up. Here is Sy-Klone, probably my favorite toy from the line?

2015 Daily Drawing: MOTU 2


So, New Year and all that. I really want to post something new everyday here. I try to keep my Instagram daily, but unfortunately this site stays kind of dead. Let’s fix that! Every day I’ll be posting a daily drawing with a monthly theme. This month I’m going to do a daily drawing of a character based off of the Masters of the Universe toy line. I’ll be using the same tool, a .005 micron pen

Today is one of the weirder figures, Leech. He’s kind of an abstract toy, but pretty cool.